Collide Jr High

Thursday nights from 7:00-8:30

True to its name, Collide Jr High is an over the top high energy action packed experience for grades 6-8. Whether it’s glow in the dark capture the flag, or fishing gummy worms out of bowls full of jello, Collide nights are filled with crazy games and contests, fun team activities, and countless ways to connect and make new friends. It’s our goal at Collide to help students through the crazy transition into their teen years, while building them up on a strong foundation of who God is and what their lives can become!


Sunday nights from 6:30-9:00

Arkhay is our high school group. The word Arkhay is greek for beginning,  and we hope to be just that. All too often people feel their experience with Jesus ends with a weekly service, whereas we do our best to equip and empower students to lead a life long journey toward and with God. For this reason we provide ample opportunity for our high school students to take things a step further, whether it’s being involved in other areas of church life, joining our youth leadership/discipleship team, or coming along on international missions trips! Our services focus on worship and teaching that is not only relevant and true, but helpful in the lives of our students.