Pastor Jeff Price

Jeff Price

Lead Pastor

Jeff strives to live his life within reach of those who are far from God, while at the same time passionately raising up leaders who desire to impact their community. Through humour and personal stories, Jeff tries to communicate the everlasting truths of the Bible in a practical way that empowers people to grow in their walk with God.

Pastor Ben Counsell

Ben Counsell

Student Ministries

Ben loves students and has the energy to keep up with all of them. Whether he’s speaking, playing guitar in worship services, or just hanging out connecting with people, Ben has a passion to see young people realize their full potential in Christ, and has built his life around that.

Pastor Natalie Dickert

Natalie Dickert

Kids Ministry Pastor

Natalie is the Kids Ministries Pastor at Calvary Church. Her passion is to reach and teach as many children as possible who are far from God and help them become an army of leaders who want to reach other kids with the message of God’s love.  Natalie can often be seen using extreme silliness to convey the message that God loves them – no matter what. She’s not above getting a pie in the face or an egg cracked over her head! But mostly she’s  just so excited she gets to share with kids every week how Jesus changed her life for eternity.

Pastor Amber Price

Amber Price

Connections Pastor

Amber is the Connections Pastor at Calvary Church. With her dynamic, friendly and outgoing personality, Amber is dedicated to creating meaningful relationships within the church.  Amber spends a lot of her time getting to know first time guests through phone calls, emails and mailed notes to make sure they feel welcomed and answer any questions they might have. 

Business Administrator Tania Mahoney

Tania Mahoney

Buisiness Administor


Tania Mahoney is the Finance Administrator at Calvary Church, assists in the operation of the Calvary Café and looks after rental bookings.  Tania believes that with God looking over our finances and the church being good stewards that Calvary can have a positive impact on our city and those that are far from God.  She has a heart for social justice and is passionate about the goal the café has of rescuing girls from sex slavery.