High Energy, Engaging, Multimedia Driven, Worship Experience.

Here at Calvary Church we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed. We don’t focus on what you’re wearing or how you look. We’re a community full of imperfect people loving a perfect God, and it’s our desire that you’ll leave our Sunday morning experience feeling more connected to others and to a God who loves us.

Next Generation

Exciting, Fun, Creative and Safe Children and Youth Programs.

We are consumed with the fact that our children and youth are the ones who will shape the culture of our city, country and world. Because of this we work hard to create children and youth programs where they will be able to have fun and learn about God in positive ways that will impact their lives and their future.

Small Group Community

Authentic Safe Places To Wrestle with Faith.

As our church continues to grow, we don’t want to lose the impact of staying connected to each other.  Through our Small Group community we hope to create environments where people can gather together and do life with each other.  All of our Small Groups are interested based, whether it be a family games night, a Bible study, or a fitness group, these connect groups are designed to grow our relationships with God and others.

Social Justice

Local & Overseas Invites You To Help Serve The Hurting In Our World.

Our love for God compels us to love people and help make a practical difference in the lives of those who can’t help themselves.  From rescuing girls from sex slavery in Kolkata India, feeding thousands of kids each day in Honduras or helping people right here in Woodstock we are committed to helping.  There are many opportunities for people to get involved in making a difference from financially investing in projects, going on missions trips or doing work projects right here in town.